bringing your basement to a higher level

 Our basement designs are developed with the idea of making your lower level as much a part of your home as your main living areas. Our most common basement feedback? “This basement doesn’t feel like a basement!” With the help of our design team, we will update your basement from the dark and musty dungeon or unfinished storage space you currently have to an entirely new living space you’ll want to enjoy every day. The key is in the design, use of lighting, and in using similar selections within your basement as those used throughout the rest of your home. 


Our designs are not typical and always think outside the box. We incorporate creative ceiling lines, new wall angles, and open-concept layouts into your existing space to update it and make it feel completely new. Basements often have structural and mechanical obstacles. When you work with Pinnacle’s in-house design team, you’ll receive a team that focuses on designing a floor plan that incorporates aspects such as support structures or ductwork, so you don’t have to. We work to blend these existing elements into the wall and ceiling lines through tray ceilings, arches, decorative columns, and other unique design solutions.


From simple storage and play areas to elaborate home theaters and man caves, our team has designed it all. We work on basement projects designed around gaming areas, in-house gyms, dedicated crafting areas, and more. We’ve also transformed basements into guest rooms and bathrooms to accommodate your guests and maximize your home. 


Pinnacle’s basements have been known to make your home “the place to be.” Not only will your kids want their friends to come to your house, but you will too. Host the holidays, invite guests, and create new memories in this unique living space.