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Helping Remodel Your Space

A remodeling project can easily give your home a new dimension while including every detail you expect from your dream house.

Even if you’re happy with the current structure of your building, there are certain areas that can be improved. Maybe your windows don’t provide enough ventilation, or you’re looking to improve the living room’s aesthetics.

Pinnacle Building and Design, Inc., is a trusted remodeling company that offers services throughout Lancaster, PA. We work with clients to actualize plans for their homes. We understand that changing location is a big commitment, and it often forces drastic life changes. Trust us to carry out a remodel of your home to make it comfortable for you and welcoming for visitors.

Why You Need a Remodeling Company

Our licensed and insured contractors are only a call away from helping you achieve that desired building transformation. We offer various renovation services, which include:

Space Creation

Do you feel confined in your current home? As your kids grow, you’ll need more rooms to ensure that everyone gets their own space. You can convert the basement into an additional living room or bedroom. You could even restructure existing walls to expand the floor and create more living room space.

Pinnacle can help remodel your home, maximizing floor space to ensure enough room for everyone. We can execute anything from small adjustments like kitchen remodeling and exterior updates to complete renovation projects. Our experienced contractors have helped several homeowners in Lancaster, PA, transform their houses.

Modern Home Designs

Design styles come and go. Sadly, your home’s exterior and interior may not look as attractive as some years ago. Are you tired of not being confident enough to welcome friends and other visitors to your home? Perhaps the old linoleum looks like something from an 80s movie, or the Formica countertops need an upgrade to granite for better heat tolerance.

Let us reshape the look of your home and redesign those old rooms. We can give your home a new look, taking out the outdated styles and materials and bringing in the freshness of modern designs.

Our expert contractors can update your old flooring with more contemporary designs. We’ll also carry out other essential structural improvements such as windows and lighting updates and the addition of a front porch.

Add Value

While most people often turn away from renovations due to the cost, making this upgrade to your property is never a wasted investment. Carrying out home improvements is a surefire way to amplify the value of your property. You can not only enjoy the upgrades with your family but also sell your home for more when the time is right.

Pinnacle Building and Design, Inc., specializes in carrying out home upgrades that will help increase the asking price of your property. Our construction experts work with homeowners in Lancaster, PA, to upgrade old homes without pricing them out of the area.

Room Customization

As time changes, so do your home needs. Do you have an empty attic that you haven't used in years? You can transform it into an entertainment room for the family. If you don't like seeing that empty room wasting away, why not change it into something useful?

Contact our team today to breathe life into that neglected room in your house. We'll convert that garage into a visitors' bedroom or a study room with custom built-in shelving. The possibilities are endless. You can work with our team to actualize your plans and arrive at a perfect design solution.

Home Remodeling Services in Lancaster, PA

Pinnacle Building and Design, Inc., is the one to call when you need a reliable remodeling company in Lancaster, PA. We pride ourselves on our history of creating excellently designed homes using quality materials. Our construction experts can help achieve an outcome that you have visualized for your home in the most budget-friendly way.

We know that it is important for you to have a home that you can’t wait to come home to. We are committed to creating beautiful and comfortable homes for our clients. Once you contact us, we will take charge by analyzing the current state of your home while discussing your vision for the project. Some areas where our expertise will prove to be essential include:

  • Bathroom remodels
  • Home additions
  • Home improvement
  • Complete home renovations
  • Home office creation
  • Basement renovations and additions

Are you looking for a remodeling company in Lancaster, PA?

Reach out to us today to set up a free on-site consultation, and we'll be ready to transform your home.