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Do you want to refresh the design and appearance of your home? Pinnacle Building and Design Inc. is a full-service remodeling company in Lititz, PA, with the expertise to complete wide variety of remodeling projects including whole-home renovations, basement remodeling, kitchen remodeling, etc.

We are a licensed and insured home improvement company in Lititz, PA, with more than 20 years of experience helping homeowners achieve their remodeling dreams. We deliver 100% satisfaction on all projects with our customer-centric approach to home improvement.

We deliver a stress-free, turnkey solution from concept to completion. Whether you need a kitchen remodeling or a complete apartment renovation, Pinnacle Building and Design Inc. is a remodeling company you can trust. Call us today to discuss your project.

Comprehensive Home Remodeling in Lititz, PA

At Pinnacle Building and Design Inc., we know our customers love an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive remodeling service that encapsulates the following:

  •     Kitchen remodels
  •     Bathroom remodels
  •     Basement remodels
  •     Home additions
  •     Home office creation
  •     Complete home renovations
  •     And more

Our team of experienced designers and project supervisors can accomplish all kinds of home remodeling projects in Lititz, PA.

We take care of every aspect of the project, including:

  •     Architectural design
  •     Permit processing
  •     Material procurement
  •     Demolition
  •     Construction
  •     Installation
  •     Plumbing
  •     Electric work
  •     Post-construction cleanup

Choosing our remodeling company for your project saves you the expense and hassle of finding and hiring multiple remodeling contractors. Our team includes every technician we need on the project, from carpenters to electricians.

All clients get a single point of contact on the job—the project manager. You’ll know who to talk to about your questions and concerns throughout the remodeling process. We don’t consider your project complete until you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Versatile Home Remodeling Company in Lititz, PA

As the leading remodeling company in Lititz, PA, we are proud of our versatility. No job is too big or too small, and we treat every project with the same level of commitment and care.

So, whether you want to facelift a small room or completely revamp an entire floor, you can trust us to deliver.

For projects like kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we know how to bring the unique dreams you have for these spaces to life. For total makeovers, we can provide sketches and technical drawings. Our remodeling services also expand to recommending products, including appliances, tubs, countertops, vanities, etc., in line with your budget.

Do you already have a concept in mind with earmarked products and appliances? We can expand on the idea, buy your preferred appliances, and install them.

The Pinnacle Building and Design Inc. Remodeling Process

At Pinnacle Building and Design Inc., we’ve put together a remodeling process that simplifies urban remodeling in the Lititz, PA, environment. Our process includes the following:

Free Design Consultation

At Pinnacle Building and Design Inc., we are proud of our reputation as a remodeling company that pays attention to detail. It all starts with a thorough consultation where we understand your goals, lifestyle, visions about a project, and the budget. The conclusions from the consultation sessions will drive the rest of the project.


Our experienced designers create the perfect design for the remodeling project, in line with your visions and our professional input. We will show you the final design to get approval for the project.

Permits Application Home Designs

Depending on the remodeling project, you may need permits for the job. Our project manager knows the right permits for every project. We complete all remodeling projects to local codes.

Materials Purchase and Construction

Once we have an agreement in place, we will buy all the materials necessary to complete the project. Our expert installers and technicians work quickly and efficiently during the construction and installation. We always finish all remodeling projects on schedule.

Post-Construction Walkthrough

Our project manager will take you through the finished work at the end of the remodeling. If there are any concerns or any bits you don’t like, we can implement final touch-ups.

Post-Construction Cleaning

We clean up the space thoroughly before officially closing the project. We want you to go straight to enjoying your new bathroom, kitchen, or living room without spending money on cleaning again. At Pinnacle Building and Design Inc., our customers never experience the chaotic and stressful remodeling process. Our process makes renovation projects quicker and easier, leaving our customers satisfied.

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At Pinnacle Building and Design Inc., we strive to maintain our reputation for perfect design and renovation. If you value expertise and desire quality service, we are the remodeling company to trust.

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